GIST: Ubi Franklin’s House Flooded

Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin’s house has revealed that his house was flooded and damaged due to the heavy downpour in Lagos.

Ubi took to his Instagram page to share a video of the huge damage and havoc wreaked on his home. In the video, the POP roof of one of the rooms in the apartment had been completely torn off and was lying on the floor which led to the flood in the house. In his words, “At About 5:30am I heard a knock on my door and when I came out it was my PA “sir the house is flooded” everywhere was flooded.

The Roof came off, POP soaked and it was raining directly into one of the guest rooms upstairs and luckily The person sleeping in the room was not hurt.. Stay Safe Guys. I Dey here dey swim for my house. Thank God we are all safe and no one was Hurt.”

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