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GIST: Why Humans Are Buried 6 Feet Below


Have you ever asked yourself why Human beings are buried ‘6’ feet deep? A grave is said to be the final home for everyone, where the dead spend the rest of their “life”.

There are many theories that try to justify the origin of digging the grave ‘6’ feet under.

Here are three reasons why graves are dug ‘6’ feet deep.

1665 London plague

In 1665, the Mayor of England issued orders in London after an outbreak of plague where the dead were to be buried ‘6’ feet deep.

This was because they believed that this amount of soil was sufficient to prevent animals from digging up corpses thus prevent spreading the plague.

For safety reasons

Due to different soil conditions around the world, many think that digging a grave ‘6’ feet under; which is the maximum depth is safe.

With this depth, the sides cannot burry the digger.

The height of the grave digger

Many believed that ‘6’ feet was the maximum depth at which a grave digger could stand and still be able to scoop soil out of the grave conveniently with a spade without using a ladder or a winch.

These theories tries to justify why people are being buried 6 feet deep.