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HEALTH: Two Ways To Get Pregnant Without Penetration


Q: My fiancée and I have been fooling around. I mean that we do a lot of stuff but he has never penetrated me in recent time. Now, I missed my period. Is it possible that I am pregnant?

A: While it is highly unlikely, it is definitely possible for a woman of reproductive age to get pregnant without having penetrative sex. Remember that in order for conception to occur, there must be the fertilization of a released egg by a sperm. The sperm usually swims upward to meet the egg after semen has been released during vaginal penetration. However, penetration is not absolutely necessary for this to happen.

The following are some ways that pregnancy can result without vaginal penetration:

  1. Ejaculation close to the vagina

If a man partner ejaculates around a woman’s external genitalia (vulva), then there is a chance that the semen can seep into vagina. Of course, the chances of getting pregnant are highest if his penis directly grinds against the vulva and while it is possible if either or both partners are wearing light underwear but is very unlikely when fully clothed (dry-humping).

  1. Introduction of semen by a finger or any object.

During sexual activity, a woman or her partner could get some semen on a finger, sex toy or similar object, and then insert same into or around the vagina. Naturally, not many sperm cells would survive this journey but then again, all it takes for conception is ONE.


Final word

Frankly speaking, the chances of a woman getting pregnant without vaginal penetration are low because sperm do not survive for long outside the body. Still, no one knows when that strong spermatozoa can find its way up there.

If you do not want to get pregnant yet, then you and your partner should practice contraception. Using condoms the right way is particularly advisable for not only preventing unwanted pregnancies, but also sexually transmitted diseases.

Source: #DictorDial

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