How To Identify Plastic Rice & Save Your Family From Cancer 

Professor Paul Mamza, the National President of Polymer Institute of Nigeria has revealed ways in which Nigerians could detect plastic rice.
According to him, some bags of plastic rice have been imported into Nigeria from China which according to him is capable of causing cancer.
Mamza said the harmful rice could be detected by following these procedures.

  • By dropping some quantity of it into a bowl of water and stirring it , if it settles down , it means it is the real rice, but if it floats on top of the water, it means it is plastic .
  • If you, as well heat these grains on a pan, they melt and stick to the pan. ”
  • “If the grains are also grounded, the colour turns light yellow and white if it is normal rice. ”

I hereby use this golden opportunity to intimate the general public that plastic rice is detrimental to human health when consumed because of the chemicals used in the production of public plastic, hence this can cause cancer” . Prof. Mamaza stated.

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