After Simi Apologizes Over Homophobic Remarks, LGBTQ Rights Advocate Attacks Her

Popular Nigerian LGBTQ activist, Pamela Adie has slammed Simi and other celebrities who apologize for their homophobic behavior or comments for selfish reasons.

Taking to Twitter to react to the backlash that arose from Simi’s apology to the community after her husband featured in a queer magazine, she described the act as shameful. Pamela stated that members of the LGBTQ community are not toys that celebrities can use to benefit from projects that are good for their image.

She wrote: “There seems to be a trend of people “apologizing” for homophobic behavior/comments just in time to benefit from participating in things or projects that are good for their image. It’s a shameful thing. So, I understand how some may see Simi’s apology as one of these tactics.

The truth is that we’re sick of homophobes using proximity to the community to further their careers and relevance. We’re not toys. Our feelings are real and our lives matter. It needs to stop. I respect organizations that listen and take action; like Quazar.”

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