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Police Arrest Man With A Dead Baby In Abia State

Police in Abia State have saved a man from a lynch mob in Aba after he was reportedly seen with a dead baby.


The suspect was said to be unable to explain how he ended up with the baby, neither could he provide any information on the mother’s whereabouts.

On getting close to the scene, they noticed that some members of the crowd were bearing several dangerous weapons.

The police team was said to have quickly intervened and moved the suspect away.

The man in his early thirties and a regular face in the area, it was gathered, was thought to be mentally unstable but after seeing him with the dead baby, people started seeing him in a new light.

“The incident this morning has made us doubt the true state of his mental derangement,” one source said. “The question that we want the police to help us ask him is, where he got the baby and where he is taking the baby to?”

We will update you once new information comes in.