US: Gunman Opens Fire on Passengers At Florida Airport,5 dead

Five people have been reported killed by a gunman at the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida, United States.
BBC reports that the incident occurred at the baggage claim area in Terminal 2 of the airport, just before 1300 local time.
Dozens of police cars and ambulances are said to have rushed to the scene.
A former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, who was at the scene tweeted: “I’m at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Shots have been fired. Everyone is running.”
A witness, John Schlicher , told MSNBC that the gunman was a “slender man”, who may be in his 20s, was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt.
The gunman identified as Esteban Santiago was shot by police as he attempted to reload, Schlicher said.
He added that his mother-in-law administered
first aid to someone who was shot in the head.

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